Stormont-Vail Healthcare Linen Tech in Topeka, Kansas


Works in all areas of the Linen Service Department and distributes linen throughout the Medical Center. In Manager’s absence, takes responsibility for entire shift operations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities can include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Sorts wet linen in correct categories/baskets.

  • Operates all laundry equipment per instruction, which can include loading and unloading washers and dryers.

  • Folds all types of clean linens in a neat, consistent manner and then placed in proper storage areas.

  • Visually inspects all linens for cleanliness, tears and stains.

  • Loads linen carts with clean linen with correct par levels.

  • Ability to operate data collecting computerized unit as per instructions.

  • Keeps equipment, laundry carts and work areas clean at all times.

  • Distributes linens throughout the Medical Center, 823 Mulvane and 901 Garfield.

  • Fills and film wraps all clinic and outside linen orders for delivery.

  • Fills scrubEx machine to maintain proper fill level in Surgery.

  • Empties soiled scrubs from machines in men’s and/or women’s locker room, if needed.

  • Leads by example to employees.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Linen experience preferred; good reading ability and ability to follow written and/or oral instructions.